Why science illustration?

I believe a scientist's most powerful tool is the ability to communicate–and that visual communication is just as important as verbal communication. My goal as a science illustrator is to create images that help explain concepts from experimental design to phylogenetic relationships. A well thought out and well executed illustration can take a scientific paper from being good to being great.

The underestimated lab notebook

My other goal as a science illustrator is to teach a new generation of students how to observe and create useful lab notebooks. I firmly believe that even if you're not an artist, the act of observation and recording is important to your growth as a scientist. 

As part of this my portfolio includes excerpts from lab notes I took as a student to help inspire and inform others. Further more, on my blog I post regular tips and techniques for students.

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Science and fine art combined

Often my science illustration work informs my fine art and there is a lot of bleed over between the two subjects. More than once I've even had a scientist commission a fine art piece of their study organism to adorn their home or office. To see more of this type of my fine art please go to The Rock Menagerie of Art.